Yehecc cooperate with Palmtelco to expand Cameroon’s market

Yehecc signed a cooperation contract with Cameroon’s local company Palmtelco, intend to expand the market in Cameroon. Palmtelco, with it’s head office locate at Douala, has it’s own influence in the local market. Yehecc also invited Palmtelco’s senior manger as it’s foreign consultant.

In 2016, 61594 African students studied in China. Although Chinese Ministry of Education has not publish the exact number in 2017, it’s estimated 10% increase at least compare to the last year.

“The situation here is more and more students would like to study Chinese and wish to study in China. Chinese Confucius school is established in Cameroon for 10  years and it gives a very good chance for the local students to understand Chinese Culture and learn Chinese locally.” said by the senior manager of Palmtelco. In October 2017, Chinese Confucius school held a Chinese Culture Open Day in Cameroon, More than 2000 local students attended the ceremony and about 50 students participate the Chinese language competition.