International Students in China 2018

According to the statistics by the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China, in 2018, a total of 492,185 foreign students from 196 countries and regions are studying in 1004 universities, research institutes and other teaching institutions in China.

Continent         Total Number          Percent          

Asia                      295,043                  59.95%              

Europe                 73,618                     14.96%              

Africa                   81,562                     16.57%              

America               35,733                     7.26%                

Oceania                6,229                      1.27%                 

According to the statistics of students, there are 258,122 foreign students receiving academic education, accounting for 52.44% of the total number of students coming to China, an increase of 16,579 compared with 2017. 85,062 master and doctoral students, an increase of 12.28% over 2017, including 25,618 doctoral students and 59,444 master students. In 2018, 234,063 non-academic students were studying in China.

For the scholarship, 63,041 students get scholarships from Chinese government, cites or universities, accounting for 12.81% of the total number of students coming to China.