How difficult about China’s National College Entrance Examination?

From 7th to 9th June, about 10.31 million students took China’s National College Entrance Examination of year 2019. China’s National College Entrance Examination is one of the most difficult exam in the world. With such a huge quantity of students, how many students can get into college this sempterber? Let’s look at the number below:

Students number take 2019 National College Entrance Examination: 10.31 million

University/College acceptance rate: about 80%, means about 8.25 millions can get into university, college, vocational and technical colleges, independent colleges, etc.

Undergraduate acceptance rate: 3.10 million — 30%, means less than 1 students from 3 can get undergraduate (Bachelor) admission.

National key university acceptance rate: 1.14 million — 11%, mens 1 students from 9 can go to key universities.

211 program university acceptance rate: 460,000 — 4.46%, less than 5 students from 100 can get into the top 112 universities (China’s famous universities).

985 program university acceptance rate: 150,000 — 1.45%,  1.45 students from 100 can get into the top 39 universities (world’s famous universities).

Tsinghua University / Peking University acceptance rate : 6600 students —- 0.064%,  6 students from 10,000 can get into the top 2 university in China.