Times World University Rankings 2022 Release

On September 2, 2021, Times, a global higher education research organization, released the world University Rankings 2022. The rankings are based on data from 1,662 universities in 99 countries and regions.

A record of 10 universities from the Chinese mainland were among the top 200. A record of 97 universities from the Chinese mainland are on the list, including eight universities for the first time. Mainland China has two institutions in the global top 20: Peking University and Tsinghua University, both at 16th. The university of Hong Kong is ranked in the world’s Top 30, followed by the Chinese university of Hong Kong at the Top 50.

Times Higher Education Asia University Ranking 2021 release

On 2nd June 2021, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings released the latest edition of The Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2021. A total of 551 universities from 30 countries or regions participated in the ranking this year, up 13 percent from 489 last year.
Tsinghua University topped the list for three consecutive years; For two years in a row, Peking University ranked second with cicadas.


YEHE Technology joined officially the Industrial and Vocational Colleges ‘Alliance of China-Africa

YEHE Technology joined officially the Industrial and Vocational Colleges’ Alliance of China-Africa (

The China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Vocational Education Industry Education Alliance is strongly supported by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Education, and the National Cooperation Agency. At present, the alliance now has about 108 official member units, including 51 high-quality vocational colleges across the country, covering agriculture, transportation, energy and power, mining, medicine and health, film and television communication and other fields, China Road and Bridge Group and other leading Chinese companies in cooperation with Africa There are more than 49, including top three hospitals and Hunan Business Association in Africa.

Forbes released the world’s top 2000 companies 2020

On May 13th, Forbes released its 18th list of the world’s top 2000 companies. This list analyzes the sales, profits, assets and market capitalization of enterprises to select the largest, most influential and most valuable enterprises in the world. This year, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China topped the list for the eighth consecutive year. China Construction Bank ranked second. J.p. Morgan chase & co., which was no. 2 last year, is no. 3 this year.