Reasons for recommendation:
Incarnation of the historian: into the scene of civilization, cultivate the ability to understand the past, judge the present, look to the future.
Special challenges: flipped classroom, ancient hiking, flavor exploration, hanwa painting, enrich and interesting!
Dialogue to experts: history professors, archeologists, museum experts, artists

DateSubjectVisiting PlacesCourses
Day 01Tang dynasty and Buddhism Go to famen temple in the morning.
Afternoon to qianling.
History course:
1. travel far and wide to study monks
2. the age of the empres
Day 02The unified dynasties Go to maoling in the morning.
Afternoon to da-ming palace.
Flipped classroom: the war between emperor wudi and the hun
History class: tang dynasty palace features
Activity: hand-painted architectural draft of da-ming palace
Day 03Historical memory Go to the forest of steles in the morning.
Afternoon to qin terra-cotta warriors museum.
Dinner: wear hanfu, listen to allusion, taste palace banquet.
History class:
1. the starting point of Chinese stele culture
2. History class: the secret underground army of the qin dynasty
Activity: hanwa drawing
Day 04Expansion of civilization Morning to xi ‘an city wall and xi ‘an huanqiu History class:
1. sacrifice system in ancient China
2. A grand history through a thousand years in the imperial capital
Day 05University tour Walk into contemporary Chinese colleges and universities and get to know and feel the campus culture that combines history and modernity